More than meets the eye...

Triggered based advertising is the best way to capture the attention of mass audience with relevant real-time messaging.

Multi-Touch Screen

Digital Screens


Our comprehensive range of innovative digital display solutions offers a more impactful and cost effective alternative to traditional printed signs and poster sites.

We are one of the leading manufactures of display products working with global partners to deliver a range of cost-effective hardware solutions. We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor products from 10″ to 82″ including our latest range of Commercial Touch Screen solutions featuring bezel free edge to edge designs in monitor all in one PC solutions.

Whether your needs include a single display or several hundred displays, Bauer’s high performance displays are able to create unique and impressive digital signs that are sure to pique interest, while translating important messages to your visitors. We offer a variety of display sizes to choose from, including a 15” room board, a 42” directory, a 70″ touchscreen or a combination of multiple displays to create a video wall. Whatever your vision, Bauer’s high performance displays are exciting and visually simulating and are sure to display your information or advertisements in the most innovative way possible.

Our signage is designed to work 24/7 to help you create more powerful marketing or information messages that incorporate images, video, text and sound or a combination of several media streams.